Lees' work highlights light and examines transitional spaces via material studies in neon and video.
She lives and works in Brooklyn, Chicago, and Los Angeles - as well as spaces in between.

New York-based interdisciplinary artist.
’86 - Born in St. Louis, MO.
'08 - BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL.
'12 - MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY.

'18-'21 - Faculty in Art & Technology Studies - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL.
'18-'20 - Executive Director - Rare Air Exhibition Space & Studio Program on Governors Island in New York, NY.

Residencies & Visiting Artist
'20 - Artist in Residence - Studio Kura in Fukuoka, JP.
'19 - Visiting Artist - Western Neon School of Art in Seattle, WA.
'19 - Artist in Residence - O' Project Space in Los Angeles, CA.
'19 - OSU Pulse Laser Holography Program - Ohio State University Department of Art & Department of Physics in Columbus, OH.
'17 - Artist in Residence - Light Artist Residency at The Center for Holographic Arts in New York, NY.

Solo Exhibitions
'20 - Chromatic Aberrations at Studio Kura in Fukuoka, JP.
'20 - Video Log at Pluto Projects in Los Angeles, CA.
'19 - Necessary Phenomenon at O'Project Space in Los Angeles, CA. 
'18 - Hollow Boom at Rare Air Exhibition Space & Studio Program on Governors Island in New York, NY.
'16 - The Splits at Budin in Brooklyn, NY.

Selected Exhibitions
'21 - Worldview: Anthropology of Eco-Vision at Fondazione Palmieri, Renaissance church of Saint Sebastian in Lecce, Italy.
'20 - Art Woman Geo-Graphies at Fondazione Palmieri, Renaissance church of Saint Sebastian in Lecce, Italy.
'20 - She Bends at The Loveland Museum in Denver, CO.
'19 - Control Room at Other Places Art Fair in Los Angeles, CA.
'19 - Borders with Haptic Lab in Brooklyn, NY.
'19 - She Bends at Var West Gallery in Milwaukee, WI.
'18 - Origins at O' Project Space in Los Angeles, CA.
'18 - She Bends at the Midway Gallery in San Francisco, CA.
'18 - Artist Photonics at The Center for the Holographic Arts in New York, NY. 
'17 - Lumens at the Glass Arts Society in Norfolk, VA.
'17 - Figment NYC on Governors Island in New York, NY. 
'17 - Last Chance at Glass House Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.
'17 - The Fridge Show at Grand Opening Gallery in Denver, CO.
'17 - She Bends at the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, CA.  
'16 - Youme Haus Web Platform.
'14 - Do Not Go Gentle at Youme Haus in Brooklyn, NY.
'14 - Double Take at Youme Haus in Brooklyn, NY.
'08​ - Feminist Ecology: Women and the Earth at Koehnline Museum of Art in Des Plaines, IL.
'08​ - What Makes Sense at Cranky Yellow in St. Louis, MO.
'08​ - And Milk Comes Frozen Home at Revolving Door Gallery in Chicago, IL.
'08​ - Again and Again at Open End Gallery in Chicago, IL.
Reviews, Interviews, Publications
'19 - Review: Autre Love, "Kacie Lees presents Necessary Phenomenon @ O' Project Space in Los Angeles," by Lani Trock April 4, 2019. 
'18 - Interview: Mondo Neon Podcast, Episode 16.
'18 - Publication: PLASMA 4: Interplanetary Art & Science Magazine, Diana Wehmeier, . 22 x 28 cm, 196 Pages, English / Russian, Presentbooks 2018 ISSN: 2512-5591
'17 - Review: Westword Article. "Grand Opening, a DIY Living-Room Gallery, Hosts The Fridge Show Saturday" by Lila Thulin. 
'17 - Review: Vice Creators Article. "Neon Sculptures Illuminate Animals on the Verge of Extinction" by Beatrice Barkholz.
'15 - Publication: Reader's Digest, Lead image for "Good Cops, Bad Cops," September 2015, Pages 20-21.