Kacie Lees is an interdisciplinary artist based out of New York. Lees’ vivid works underscore time
and examine transitional spaces by synthesizing performance, sonics, color therapy, & video.

New York-based interdisciplinary artist.

’86 Born in St. Louis, MO.
'08 BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL.
'12 MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY.

'18-'20 Faculty in Art & Technology Studies - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL.
'18-'20 Executive Director - Rare Air Exhibition Space & Studio Program on Governors Island in New York, NY.
'20 Artist in Residence - Studio Kura in Fukuoka, JP.
'20 Art Woman Geo-Graphies - Fondazione Palmieri, Vico Dei Sotterranei in Leece, Italy.
'20 Heart Bending Workshop Instructor - The Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, CA.
'20 Moon Workshop Instructor- The Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, CA.
'20 Group Exhibition - The Loveland Museum in Denver, CO.

'19 Visiting Artist - Western Neon School of Art in Seattle, WA.
'19 Artist in Residence - O' Project Space in Los Angeles, CA.
'19 Making Water Workshop Instructor - Western Neon School of Art in Seattle, WA.
'19 OSU Pulse Laser Holography Program - Ohio State University Department of Art & Department of Physics in Columbus, OH.
'19 Review: Autre Love, "Kacie Lees presents Necessary Phenomenon @ O' Project Space in Los Angeles," by Lani Trock April 4, 2019. 
'19 (Solo Exhibition) Necessary Phenomenon - O'Project Space in Los Angeles, CA. 
'19 Control Room Exhibition - Other Places Art Fair in Los Angeles, CA.
'19 Borders - Haptic Lab in Brooklyn, NY.
'19 She Bends - Var West Gallery in Milwaukee, WI.

'18 Origins - O' Project Space in Los Angeles, CA.
'18 Interview: Mondo Neon PodcastEpisode 16.
'18 Publication: PLASMA 4: Interplanetary Art & Science MagazineDiana Wehmeier, 22 x 28 cm, 196 Pages, English / Russian, Presentbooks 2018 ISSN: 2512-5591
'18 (Solo Exhibition) Hollow Boom - Rare Air Exhibition Space & Studio Program on Governors Island in New York, NY.
'18 She Bends at the Midway Gallery - San Francisco, CA.
'18 Artist Photonics - The Center for the Holographic Arts in New York, NY. 

'17 Artist in Residence - Light Artist Residency at The Center for Holographic Arts in New York, NY.
'17 Lumens - Glass Arts Society in Norfolk, VA.
'17 Figment NYC - Governors Island in New York, NY. 
'17 Last Chance - Glass House Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.
'17 Review: Vice Creators Article. "Neon Sculptures Illuminate Animals on the Verge of Extinction" by Beatrice Barkholz.
'17 The Fridge Show - Grand Opening Gallery in Denver, CO.
'17 Review: Westword Article. "Grand Opening, a DIY Living-Room Gallery, Hosts The Fridge Show Saturday" by Lila Thulin. 
'17 She Bends - the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, CA.  

'16 (Solo Exhibition) The Splits - Budin in Brooklyn, NY.
'16 Digital Gallery Exhibition - Youme Haus Web Platform.
'15 Publication: Reader's Digest, Lead image for "Good Cops, Bad Cops," September 2015, Pages 20-21.
'14 Do Not Go Gentle at Youme Haus in Brooklyn, NY.
'14 Double Take at Youme Haus in Brooklyn, NY.
'08 - '10 Special Exhibitions Coordinator, The Sullivan Galleries / G2 at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL.
'08​ Executive Director, HungryMan Gallery in Chicago, IL.
'08​ Feminist Ecology: Women and the Earth at Koehnline Museum of Art in Des Plaines, IL.
'08​ What Makes Sense at Cranky Yellow in St. Louis, MO.
'08​ And Milk Comes Frozen Home at Revolving Door Gallery in Chicago, IL.
'08​ Again and Again at Open End Gallery in Chicago, IL