Providing a look at a year in total lets us see into the future. 
The reverse of this page is the year 2020 with each day represented as a rectangular block combined in the unit of a month. There are no labels or directions for the future. 

You may choose to use an eraser to stamp the phases of the moon, or mark an upcoming voyage by sketching a star. You may find removable washi tape handy to gingerly commit to locations, ideas or frameworks. Perhaps this calendar records highlights of the human emotional spectrum. There is no wrong way to leave a mark on the future.

Ma is a Japanese term for negative space, a gap or pause. Notice the Ma where the image lays, concurrent alongside with the months. These areas offer a parallel time not bound to the metrics of chronos - a free space.  

Time is malleable, plans change and joys are balanced by upsets. It’s ok. Do your best, support your inner beam and honor the delicate & singular human existence in all bodies. Time and distance are not absolute, we are all always together.

Cheers to the future,
From Kacie Lees

11x17 Black and White Download --->  Calendar with Ma 

Calendar with Ma